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Welcome to the DT Shiva, where everyone’s a shit-sipping frittata and we celebrate ‘Krampus’ instead of Christmas. This is a league where we play off for the ‘Shiva Bowl’, not the Premiership; need I mention a glorious trophy with ultimate bragging rights?! It is a community where banter is encouraged; involvement is a prerequisite; ‘Shiva Blasts’ are as regular as an AFL controversy; whilst collusion and draft-tampering are sins punishable by death complete and total exclusion.

So to get a sense of what we’re trying to create here. We think it is a prerequisite of sorts for all participants to go and watch the hit US Comedy called ‘The League’. If you are into Fantasy Football in any capacity (which you must be otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), you will find this stuff absolute GOLD.

Before we get into some of the details of how this thing works, let us tell you how this idea came about. Matty (pictured below) was sifting through the preseason rubble that was the aftermath of his 2012 Dream Team Season and couldn’t help seeing multiple mentions of this thing called the ‘Shiva’. After reading into it (and watching Season 1 of ‘The League’ in a matter of days) he was hooked. Following a few enquiries and brainstorming sessions with Douth (pictured below) and a few other Fantasy Nuts – we combined the previously founded Aussie Shiva (NFL) & Supercoach Shiva (Douths original Shiva comp that started last year) to give birth to the DT Shiva.

We are utilising
Ultimate Footy for our draft style relegation and promotion league, as these guys are the leaders of all things Draft Fantasy Football in Australia. With the registration now open (details below) – it remains to be seen if the hype that has captured the hearts and minds of the Social Networking Universe this preseason will translate into the new Season. We believe that our money is on  the DT Shiva becoming the single biggest collective Fantasy Football league in the world – so jump on board and share the ride!

Now to a bit of a profile on the boys that will make this season possible.

Name Leigh Douthie
Twitter Handle @Douthteez
Team Name Cousins Coke n Ice
DT Rank Veteren
Background Creator/Commissioner of the Supercoach Shiva and Aussie Shiva (NFL). 2012 SC Shiva Division 1 Champion.
Team Supported Richmond
DT 2012 Ranking 1984
Role in DT Shiva Commissioner of the League and Chief of Banter
Message to Opponents All you Suck Tards have no chance. Thanks in advance for the donations!!

Name Matty McGrath
Twitter Handle @McRathDT
Team Name Wrath of McRath
DT Rank Third-Year Breakout Contender
Background DT Talk Writer of ‘Versus’ series and ‘The Numbers’, as well as an avid DT enthusiast who only took up the call of the AFL a short 6 years ago.
Team Supported Carlton
DT 2012 Ranking 10,278
Role in DT Shiva Writer, Ass-Man and 2013 ShivaBowl Champion (calling it early).
Message to Opponents SUCK IT!

Now all of the pleasantries are out of the way, here are the details you need to know before deciding to register to be part of this experience!


Entry Fee $50
Prize Pool $600 per league (12 teams per league).
Prize Money Allocation League Champion: $350
Minor Premier: $100
Runner Up: $100

  A Trophy will also be awarded and engraved to the champion of each league. Registration (What you need to do so far..)
  1. Register with us! (Under 18’s can register, but will be playing in cashless leagues)
  2. Register with Ultimate Footy
  3. Keep an eye on the website for updates on how the draft order will be decided, and also what division you have been allocated!

Are you ready for ULTIMATE Fantasy Football experience?

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