DT Shiva 2020 - Open for Business!
Sunday, 09 February 2020 - 12:56 PM


The DT Shiva is now officially open for season 2020! For those of you unaware of the DT Shiva, we are Australia's largest relegation and promotion cash league. We utilize the best draft platform in fantasy football (Ultimate Footy) and we have some of the greatest fantasy football minds in our leagues. We even have a podcast run by two of the greatest shitsippers in the league, Damon Adams and Ben McDonald. Check that out at The Shiva Blast

The concept originated 8 years ago and started with 84 participants over 7 leagues. Last year we were up to 28 leagues and over 300 people! The people in this league are referred to by myself as a shivarite, so if your new and reading this, jump on board and come along for the ride and become a Shivarite yourself!! Its easily the best comp being run for draft style fantasy football!

What is Ultimate Footy?

Ultimate Footy is a draft-based fantasy AFL game that gives users full control over their fantasy footy experience. Unlike salary cap competitions, each AFL player can only be owned by one team in each league.

A draft is used to distribute players to teams, which is where our unique live online drafts bring the experience to life. Teams compete week to week until the league premiers are crowned!

Ultimate Footy is the most customizable game in the fantasy football market. At the DT Shiva, we will be running with the same rules as last year. For the uninitiated, that is your AFL fantasy (The old DT) scoring system. You will be required to participate in a live draft at the exact same time as every other Shivarite. Teams consist of 5 Defenders, 7 mids, 1 ruck, 5 forwards and 1 utility. We run 12 team leagues which really challenges the the knowlege of coaches depths. In total you will draft 27 players onto your roster to fill these spots (including emergency's and bench players). That's a total of 324 players in each league drafted, so you really need to have a full understanding of who the players are that wouldn't normally hit your radar in salary cap competitions. This comp seriously is the ULTIMATE in fantasy football competitions!

Draft Day

The live draft will take place for all Shiva leagues on Sunday the 8th of March at a staggered timeframe to ensure we don't break any servers (Yes, we broke fairfax last year when trying to live draft!) Those of you who may be located in Melbourne, we will be hosting the BIGGEST event of all time for fantasy footballers on the day. Our friends at The Sporting Globe (To be confirmed), have allowed us to take over their facilities on the day upstairs to hold Australia's largest draft party! Before the draft we will have a footy panel show featuring some of the biggest names in fantasy football discussing all things fantasy football related before we get to drafting our teams all together over a few beers (or lemonades if your driving!). In the past it has always been a fun filled day with lots of banter, so if you can make your way to Richmond to be part of it, make sure you bring your lap top of iPad and enjoy the festivities!


On our home page, you will see a link that says register here. Click it and fill in your details. For those of you who played last year, its a very quick process to rejoin for 2020, you just login and follow the prompts. 

Entry Fee:                                  $50

Prize Pool:                                (12 Teams per league, different configuration if you find yourself in a 10 team league)

                                                     League Champion: $350

                                                     Minor Premier: $100

                                                     Runner Up: $100


 Registration (What you need to do so far..)

  1. Register with us!
  2. Register with Ultimate Footy
  3. Keep an eye on your emails and the website for further directions!

Are you ready for the ULTIMATE Fantasy Football experience?

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